Bring home the elegance with ceramic & porcelain tile

When homeowners take the time to look into ceramic & porcelain tile, they are often astounded at the amazing elegance the material has to offer. Available in numerous colors, styles, shapes, and sizes, the possibilities are nearly limitless with regard to interior design. From the most minimal design motif to the most outlandishly artistic, this material has you covered. At the same time, its durability and lifespan offer even more to love. These floors can easily last 50 years or more, with proper maintenance, and they are very easy to care for in the meantime. At Carpets Unlimited, you’ll appreciate our diverse line of materials, our professional staff, and our outstanding services. We will assist you at every level of your need, from choosing the perfect materials and installation to aftercare such as cleaning and repair services. Our goal is complete customer satisfaction and one visit to our Athens, GA showroom will prove that. We proudly serve the communities of Athens, Watkinsville, Winder, and Lawrenceville, and we’d love the opportunity to serve you as well. Just stop by to see us at your convenience to see how quickly we can help get your flooring project started.

Ceramic & porcelain tile for every space

Ceramic & porcelain are often considered bathroom and kitchen flooring, and for many good reasons. The water resistance these materials provide is perfect for these rooms, offering you peace of mind against water damage at almost any level. With a slip-resistant coating applied for safety reasons, some homeowners even enjoy installing these tiles inside their showers. Tile, in these rooms, can also be used for countertops, backsplashes, and even wall embellishments, which creates amazing continuity.

Tile allows you to be the designer

The truth is, though, ceramic & porcelain tiles are excellent in any room in the house. Even in bedrooms and living rooms, it provides so much both in durability and design opportunities. These tiles can be cut into any shape or size imaginable, so you can create amazing designs, including elaborate mosaics that you can design yourself. It’s perfect anywhere you desire a great conversation starter. When it comes to installing ceramic & porcelain tile, we must advise you to go with professional installation. It can be fun to install your own floors, but with tile, it can also become very expensive. Special tools are necessary, as is a certain amount of experience, to avoid damage or voiding of your warranty.

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Carpets Unlimited, your Athens, Georgia experts for ceramic tile Flooring

One of the best ways to add value and beauty to your home is to install ceramic tile flooring from Carpets Unlimited in Athens, Georgia. Ceramic tile is a wonderful addition to any room in your home.

Why choose tile flooring?

There are several reasons to choose tile flooring from Carpets Unlimited in Athens, Georgia.
  • Tile flooring and ceramic tile is an inexpensive way to give your floors beauty and style. The cost of ceramic tile is fairly low, so you only need to give it an occasional coating of sealing in order to keep dirt and stains from penetrating your grout. Because it is so affordable, we recommend that you purchase extra tiles, just in case there is a color variation in the lots. Ceramic tile is cheaper to purchase than any hardwood flooring, natural stone or carpet.
  • Ceramic tile and tile flooring from Carpets Unlimited, your Athens Georgia tile source, is one of the most beautiful flooring options available. This type of tile has been used for centuries to create interesting art, starting from the builders of the Roman and Greek temples. There is no difference today, in that a wide array of colors, surfaces, and shapes is also available in today's market. It is perfect for any decorative need in the home or office.
  • The durability of the ceramic tile and tile flooring from Carpets Unlimited, your Athens Georgia tile experts is like no other. Glazed ceramic tile is rough and will withstand water, ice, and fire. Because it does not fade in heat or sunlight, it will be just as beautiful years after installation as it is when you first put it is. Ceramic tile will not become damaged from heat, moisture, and scratching. It will last for the lifetime of the home.
  • Because ceramic tile and tile flooring from Carpets Unlimited, your Athens Georgia tile dealer is so adaptable, you can use it in any room of your home. It can be put on the shower walls, the floors, and the counter and behind your cooktop. It can even be used behind the sink as well. Ceramic tile brings beauty to any atmosphere in the home.
Tile from Athens, GA from Carpets Unlimited

Why choose ceramic tile flooring for your home

If you are upgrading your home and updating a room, or simply adding value to your home, installing ceramic tile and tile flooring will create a more beautiful and creative environment. Come in and visit our customer service professionals to find out the many options for ceramic tile in your home. Choose from hundreds of designs and we guarantee that you'll love the look of your home. We guarantee your satisfaction and will fix any complaint. When choosing ceramic tile and tile flooring for your home, you don't need to go anywhere else. Come and visit Carpets Unlimited, you Athens Georgia tile experts for your tile flooring and ceramic tile needs today.
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