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The true benefits of hardwood flooring

There are many reasons to fall in love with hardwood flooring. From its durable and stable construction to the amazing sophistication and timeless appeal of the product, you’re sure to be amazed at all that it has to offer. It’s also an excellent choice if you’re ready to settle in with a more permanent floor covering. This material is easily capable of a lifespan that reaches 100 years or more, especially with careful maintenance and upkeep, so it’s likely to be the last floor covering you ever install in your home. What’s more, it adds great value to your home, which makes it more of an investment than just a floor covering.

Carpets Unlimited is proud to serve the communities of Athens, Watkinsville, Winder, and Lawrenceville, all from our showroom located in Athens, GA. We offer a comprehensive line of floor coverings as well as professional services you’ll find very trustworthy, and we do so at prices affordable enough for every homeowner. We strive for complete customer satisfaction and you’re sure to find out how that can make a difference when you visit us. Stop by at your convenience and allow our flooring specialists to help you get your flooring project started today.


Hardwood flooring your way

The good news about hardwood flooring is that you can personalize it far more than you might have thought possible. It all starts with the perfect wood species choice. Rated from soft to hard, you’ll want to make sure your choice of species is comparable to the level of activity in your home. Choosing a species that is too soft can result in premature wear, leaving you to repair your floors far sooner than you should have to.
Gorgeous hardwood flooring in Winder, GA from Carpets Unlimited

Finishes and stains help customize your look

In addition to species, you can also choose your own preferred stain color and finish type. You’ll have plenty of stain colors to choose from, but you’ll have more choices if you choose site-finished materials. Prefinished wood allows for quicker installation, but your stain choices are far more limited.

Choosing your own finish is far more important than you might think as well. While many homeowners stick to the classic high-gloss finish, many homeowners are opting for something a little more beneficial. A hand scraped or distressed finish, for instance, can provide protection against the elements and hide little blemishes such as scratches and scuffs.

Find premium hardwood flooring at Carpets Unlimited

When you want to make a statement, hardwood flooring from Carpets Unlimited located in Athens, Georgia is an excellent way to do so. Hardwood flooring has been used around the world for hundreds of years, with homeowners enjoying its beauty and durability. When you want to take advantage of a wood flooring installation trend that has been around for hundreds of years, consider shopping for hardwood flooring at Carpets Unlimited. We provide speedy delivery and skilled installation for a variety of exotic hardwood and domestic Athens Georgia flooring products.

Are you attempting to purchase hardwood flooring while on a budget? At Carpets Unlimited, we offer special prices on Athens, Georgia flooring, so that you can obtain the best possible price on the wood flooring products you need. Ask us for a quick wood flooring installation, and we can provide you with high-quality, professional results in your living space without the need for a long wait. All of our installation professionals are experienced, licensed, and insured. At Carpets Unlimited in Athens, we're happy to provide free information about the hardwood floors that we offer so that you can choose the product that's perfect for your home. Our huge variety of quality flooring products helps ensure that you'll find the best possible flooring for your budget and lifestyle needs.

Facts about hardwood flooring

When you're ready to make a purchase, you can choose from two types -- solid wood and engineered wood. Among these two types, there are also two options to choose from -- domestic and exotic. Click the arrow to read more.

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