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Whether you are installing new floors or placing fixtures in your home, measurements are important. You must be accurate to get the right sized products and amount of material. To help you get your project started, Carpets Unlimited offers professional in-home measurements services to homeowners in the Athens, GA area . We perform measurements for all types of projects.

We help homeowners plan flooring installations, cabinet installations, painting work, countertop construction, and more. You can also receive valuable tips and tricks from industry experts to help make your home improvement work easier. Customer service is offered to you through our website and by phone for your convenience. Now you can be sure that your project will run smoothly the first time around and get help when you need it.

What to expect during service

There are a number of reasons that you may choose in-home measurement services. The most obvious reason is to make sure that you make the right orders and arrangements for your floors or fixtures. Certain products cannot be altered after being purchased, and measurements become very important. This is especially true if you need a custom size for your flooring or fixtures. There is also the chance that you could order too much or too little of what you need. You can end up spending more time trying to fix the mistakes than you would have allowing an expert to do it for you. For homeowners who are working on their homes for the first time, this can be especially stressful. That is where our experts come in.

We understand that you want the best results as fast as possible. You need the most accurate numbers and, for some, valid advice. That is why our technicians are licensed and trained to perform a variety of home improvement services for you. Our measurement experts are committed to a high standard of work. What other things can you expect when you work with us? When you choose Carpets Unlimited for your in-home measurement, you also get the following benefits:



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Benefits of choosing Carpets Unlimited

  • Organized measurements. All of the numbers we collect are put into an easy to read format. This makes ordering flooring and other materials easier for you and the manufacturer. It can also be a way to make sure that you aren't forgetting any of the little details along the way.
  • Customer support online. With so many of our customers connecting with the internet, we want to make it easier for them to reach us when they need help. That is why we offer you access to customer support online and by phone. You can reach our experts at any time that you have questions or comments. We are glad to help.
  • Accurate results. Having the right tools and experience can make all the difference when it comes to accuracy. You can trust our team to give you the right measurements the first time, every time. If you have any doubts about the measurements you have received, we will remeasure your home immediately. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Before you begin your next flooring or other home improvement project, call Carpets Unlimited for quality in-home measurement service. We strive to be the local favorites in the Athens areas. Call (706) 229-7915 or contact us online for more information.