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Indulge your love for carpet

If you are a loyal fan of carpet, you are certainly not alone. Many homeowners prefer the plush and elegant underfoot feel of this material as well as the way it creates a warm and homey atmosphere. In welcoming areas of your home, such as entryways and living rooms, it can offer a gracious welcome for your guests. At the same time, it’s able to handle a great deal of activity with more benefits now than at any other time in history. If you’ve never experienced this floor covering before, the benefits you find here may even surprise you.

Carpets Unlimited has been serving flooring customers for more than 20 years, having been founded in 1996. Since that time, we have come to offer an extensive line of flooring materials as well as service you can really trust in. In fact, we’d love to invite you to visit our showroom in Athens, GA where one of our flooring specialists will be happy to help you browse our products. We currently serve the areas of Athens, Watkinsville, Winder, and Lawrenceville, and we’d love to add you to our list of satisfied customers. Be sure to stop in at your convenience where one of our flooring professionals will be standing by.


Carpet works for so many reasons

Most people are first drawn to carpet for the amazing underfoot feel and the gorgeous appearances that are available in the product line. As the only soft surface flooring, you’ll only find the softness you’re looking for in this particular material. That softness is responsible for many of the other benefits this flooring is known and loved for, especially in homes with children.
Luxury carpet in Athens, GA from Carpets Unlimited

Live with less noise

Noise reduction is a sure thing once you’ve had carpet installed. It helps tone down much of the sound that often echoes through your home and works especially well between floors. You’ll hear less clamoring, voices, footfalls, and pet nails and experience a much more serene environment.

Carpet also acts as another layer of insulation, as does its underpadding. This means your home will retain much more of the heat it makes, leaving you with a warmer home and a lower energy bill. Since your furnace won’t have to run nearly as often, or nearly as long, all you have to do is enjoy the savings.

For installation purposes, make sure you speak with a flooring specialist about professional carpet installation. It can assure a successful install and you’ll never have to worry about a voided warranty.

Find the best selection of Mohawk carpet at Carpets Unlimited

Buying new carpet for a single room or whole house is an investment that can pay off nicely in adding value to your home. New carpet looks nice, smells nice, and offers homeowners a chance to redecorate a space with ease. But, as is true with everything, you get what you pay for. When you purchase Mohawk carpet from Carpets Unlimited, you can be assured that your investment dollar is being spent wisely.

Why choose Mohawk carpet?

Mohawk Industries has been in the flooring products business for well over 120 years. They are considered one of the best manufacturers of carpet in the world. Mohawk has developed a variety of fiber brands that are known around the globe; names you know such as SmartStrand.

But, not all carpet stores in the Athens, Watkinsville, Winder, and Lawrenceville areas carry Mohawk carpet. We do. Click the arrow to read more.

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