Is an underlayment necessary with laminate flooring?

Is an underlayment necessary with laminate flooring?

If you are ready for brand new laminate flooring, you might wonder whether an underlayment is necessary during the installation. The short answer is yes, an underlayment is needed, and we want to tell you more about why, so read along with us today.

A flooring underlayment serves you well

When laminate is floated, a good quality underlayment is a necessity. It helps to evenly distribute the flooring across the subfloor, offering stability for the plank's locking system, but that's not all it does.

An underpadding also increases your noise reduction, making any area where these floors are installed quieter and more peaceful, even with pets and children in the home. It offers a warmer touch as well, especially when paired with floor mats or area rugs in front of couches, beds, and children's play areas.

If you're installing your laminate in an area such as a basement or bathroom, your best underlayment option will be the one that provides a moisture barrier as well. Even waterproof laminate can take on water damage from the bottom, so this protection is significant and protects your investment well.

And we can't forget the added resilience and comfort a well-placed underlayment adds to your flooring. It's softer to the touch and is a pleasure to walk or stand on, even for long periods.

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