Does all tile flooring need grout?

Does all tile flooring need grout?

It's never a good idea to install floor tile without grout for various reasons. But, most importantly, a lack of grout can reduce the floor's lifespan.

But there are other reasons to ensure suitable grout for your floors. Here are some facts that could help you make the right decision for your remodel.

What happens with a lack of grout

If you install tile without grout, there's a high chance that the materials will break. Significantly over time, and with the natural shifting, they can chip, crack, and crumble under pressure.

Our tile shop staff can help explain why not all tile pieces are identical. In addition, a lack of grout can highlight these imperfections, making them stand out.

Gaps will create problems, especially over time

There's no way to avoid the gaps that can occur with a lack of grouting. And with grouts, you'll find dirt and debris caught in the gaps.

This can be a trigger for allergies, but it can also make the space look worse too. If moisture gets trapped, too, it can cause foul odors and stains that could last.

Avoid the problem altogether

The easiest way to avoid these issues with floor tile is to ensure the proper grout work. Then, experienced technicians know what they're doing, and you can trust the results.

If you have questions about the process, ask a flooring specialist while you're here. We have the answers you need.

Choose tile flooring that serves your needs

When you visit Carpets Unlimited, you'll find an incredible materials inventory. And our associates are standing by to ensure an excellent fit for all your needs.

You can find your tile flooring at our tile store in Athens, GA, any time you're in the area. From there, we serve Watkinsville and Winder, so stop by whenever you're in the area.
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